Sunday, 11 June 2017

We have our new project!!

After some hours of work on coming up with a new storyline, we have developed the basic structure for our next animated project, currently named Meatballs at this early stage. We have developed character sheets for the main character (below) and have almost completed initial storyboards. Animation will begin within the next week.

Character sheet for the main character

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bring on the next project!!

I have been meaning to log on and update the blog on my latest project which was completed shortly after the last post. Below we have the finished project, a 12 hour animation project that snowballed into a several week project.

I will be joining together with fellow animator Jon to work on another project tomorrow and so will strive to post as many updates here as I can. At this monent in time I have no idea what the next project could be as tomorrows meeting will be an idea session. I will post what we have decided in due course.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Latest Developments

I've been working on a few projects lately, and as mentioned in my previous post I have been working on a piece with a friend involving a Salt & Pepper shaker. That project is almost completed and we will soon be moving onto dubbing it before releasing for the world to see.

As mentioned, I have had a number of different projects and recently picked up some extra freelance work from Sean at SPC Gaming who wanted a logo design completed which I have attached here now finished.

My next post on here will be the final output of the salt and pepper project and afterwards I will consider what project is next.

Final Logo for SPC Gaming

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Fun Project to come!

I recently got together with an animation friend and we decided we would meet up much more often to come up with idea for short animations and create them to keep the creative juices flowing. After our first session, we came up with an interesting little idea and set to work. We are now working on it during our spare time and will have it completed fairly soon.

The main characters from the story we are creating "Saul & Pepper"

Saturday, 14 January 2017


So, as previously posted, I have some ideas for a new project that I have been developing recently and have been working on the main character. After much toil I have finally completed my first, albeit still rough, character sheet for the project. The character is still without a name at the moment but as I start to develop him further I will come up with a suitable name.

I will continue working on the sheets for the character until I am fully happy with them. After that I will progress into creating him digitally. I also plan to create an animation with a previous monkey character I designed named Rufus to get back into the swing of animating before continuing with this project.

Side, back, front and 3/4 view of the new character.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wow! Has it really been almost 2 years?

The year has started like all other years before it, with a resolution. One of my many resolutions for 2017 has been to update the blog again and much more often. Seeing as the last post I made in 2015 was in relation to my pirate character designs, I have decided to kick start this years posts with an update on the pirates. I have designed another two characters for the crew since my last post and can now proudly share them below. I am currently developing a character for an animation which I hope to have completed over the next few months and I will post any updates here.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

New character design!!

 So I finally got around to creating another pirate character for my pirate crew, bringing the crew to a grand total of three pirates! Really gotta get my pencil working and create some more, I've got a few ideas in mind at the moment. I'm thinking that I will create either the navigator or the cook next.

Keeping it short and sweet for the time being as I've got a lot of things to get through tonight. I have uploaded my original pencil sketch as well as the digitized version, and an image with all three characters together. Adios!